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How To Wear Patterned Trousers

Patterned Trousers

Patterned trousers are a top trend this summer, but they can be a challenge to style effectively, even for the most experienced fashion expert. Undoubtedly, they add sophistication and drama to an outfit when used appropriately. Bright colours and a wide range of designs make it difficult to decide how to style and accessorise, but if you get it right you can be sure that you will be on trend and looking very stylish.

Various types of patterned trousers are in the shops this summer. Provided below is a selection of some of the main types.


A fitted top styled with loose-fit trousers will balance your outfit and avoid the ‘pyjama’ look. There needs to be a distinct difference in the shape of the top half of your body compared with the bottom half. If you wear a baggy top with loose trousers, your silhouette will be wider. Large, flowing patterns on a lightweight fabric make this style of patterned trouser a cool option for a hot summer. Team the trousers with a fitted t-shirt and flat sandals during the day, or a blazer and heels for a sophisticated evening look.


Skinny-fit patterned trousers look great with heels and will instantly lengthen and slim your legs. Pair them with a top in a colour to complement the trousers and a blazer or tailored jacket for a chic outfit that takes you from day into evening. To stand out from the crowd choose a top in the same colour as one found in the trousers, but opt for a smaller pattern so that it is easier on the eye.


For the ultimate in sophistication choose tailored trousers with a small, repetitive pattern. Tops can be tucked in or worn loose and the outfit completed with a fitted jacket and a pair of classy heels. No matter how colourful the trousers, a black top or jacket will transform them into a chic and elegant outfit. For the more daring amongst you, team brightly-patterned tailored trousers with vivid tops and heels. Accessorise all your outfits with clutch bags and fashion necklaces for a fantastic overall look.


Cropped styles are ideal if you are tall and slim and will look better worn with heels rather than flats or sandals. Mix patterns with caution, however, as a riot of colour may be just too much on the eye. Buy several plain or block-coloured tops to complement the patterned trousers and you can achieve a great look for the summer.

Patterned trousers have been a very strong trend this spring and their popularity is set to continue into the summer. They are a fun alternative to a maxi dress and will look great as part of your holiday wardrobe. However, the phrase ‘less is more’ definitely applies here. When wearing them during the day they can be toned down a little by wearing tops and jackets in a plain colour. Bright colours are very trendy at the moment and you might want to make them even jazzier in the evening by adding a brightly-coloured blouse or blazer.

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