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Top Vietnamese Tourist Attraction In Halong Bay

Halong Bay

Located in the Quang Ninh province on the northeastern part of Vietnam, Halong Bay is about 170 kilometers eastern side of Hanoi which is located within the Gulf of Tonkin. As one of Vietnam’s greatest natural wonders, this bay has got a nice picturesque ocean cast landscape. This region has been receiving large numbers tourists for many years. It is also known as one of the top tourist attractions in the region and in fact most of the people who come visiting Vietnam come to enjoy the view of this bay and the fun that comes with using Halong Bay tours.

  • What Makes This Bay Unique?

Many people who have come to this place can totally agree that this is an awesome and unique place to come visiting. Whether you just want to have a fee of Vietnam tours or rather Halong bay travel, you can be sure that this place definitely has got the best to offer you. The more that 2000 limestone karsts and the tropical climate are just but some of the awesome aspects about adopting Halong bay tours and tourism. Geo-diversity of the Halong bay topography has helped to create some diverse ecosystems with sea shore, oceanic and tropical bio-systems. Fresh water forests, coral reefs mangrove forests, the sandy beaches and the freshwater lakes are other definitive features of this great tourist destination.

  • Halong Bay Travel

You can book any among the plethora of Vietnam tours and travels services. Due to the millions of tourists who come flocking this place every year, there are many companies who have set up business around the Halong bay. Apart from the road trips, you can also make use of the boat cruises. These services are usually offered by the traditional junked boats. If you need to have a feel of the old world, through a lifetime cruising experience, coming to Halong bay is definitely an aspect that you cannot just choose to overlook.

The awesomeness offered by this place will definitely leave you happy. Most of the boats that you will be using when cruising with the Halong bay tours have been designed using the most classic and authentic time-honored designs. They also feature ultra-modern and luxurious cabin facilities if you want to still have a closer feel of the urban environment. If you want to have a good feel of what Halong bay has to offer, Vietnam tour have to be your best option.

This place receives thousands of tourists each year. Many of them come to witness the rich culture of the people here. There are still others who come to have fun and enjoy the picturesque view of the bay and love to use Halong bay tours services.

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