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Plan A Road Trip Around The USA

How To Plan A Road Trip Around The USA

Travelling around the whole of the USA would be an amazing feat – in fact until you have travelled a little bit you might not fully appreciate just how big this country is. But if you love to travel, a road trip around the US has to be on your to do list. This post is by no means a complete guide, but hopefully it is a start.

  • Timing

First of all, how long are you going to spend travelling? If you have a year or two that is ideal, if you only have a few weeks then you are going to have to compromise. You should also decide how fast you want to travel – the slower the pace the more time you’ll have to enjoy the sights and sounds, but less of them you’ll be able to see.

  • Where Will You Go?

There are 50 states and each one has something to offer, so deciding which ones you want to see is crucial. This is where the timing comes in. If you are going to spend 3 months travelling and you want to spend a week in each state you will have time to visit about 10-12 depending on travel time between each.

I would start by getting a map of the USA and putting a pin in each state you would like to visit. If you are unsure what a state has to offer then do a little research first. It might be easier to start by crossing off the ones you are not interested in.
Once you’re done, try to plot a sensible route through them and be prepared to drop a couple if necessary. For instance if your route is mostly down the east coast but you also wanted to go to Washington, you either need to re-think or consider leaving Washington till next time. It’s just common sense really, but don’t under-estimate how long it takes to get from one state to the next.

  • Travelling Around

Getting a nice vintage American car on hire is the ideal way to travel, but if you’re not made of money there are other options available. Depending on your route you may decide to have a car for a little while and then use other methods of transport for a bit too.

  • Flying: This isn’t a cheap option, but if you are desperate to go to California after Florida then it’s the best option. One strategy might be to get public transport down the east coast and then fly across to California and hire a car to drive back up the west coast… if you have the time of course.
  • Buses: Greyhound buses are a pretty iconic way to travel in America – they run all over and they are pretty cheap. Frugal travellers tend to get over night buses as a way to save on the cost of accommodation!

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