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How to Make a Personal Injury Claim

How to Make a Personal Injury Claim

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Accidents can happen to anyone at any time. Unfortunately, many of these accidents are caused through the negligence of others. This can include car wrecks, slip and falls, accidents at work and even accidents at home. Many people think that they will only receive compensation for medical bills and any physical damage caused to their property, but when filing a personal claim, a person is often entitled to additional recompense. Knowing how to properly prepare for and handle a personal injury claim is necessary for anyone who is injured through another’s carelessness.

  • Keep Copies of Everything

A person will find it exceedingly difficult to get a fair settlement if they do not keep proper documentation. This includes any police reports, medical bills and previous pay stubs showing the amount of money that is being lost by missing out on work. A person should take these steps whether they are injured on a wet floor at a local store or by an Orlando DUI driver. If the latter is the case, or any other serious crime occurred, it is most likely a good idea to call an attorney immediately because these cases can usually lead to higher settlements. Katz & Phillips, an Orlando based law firm, recommends scheduling an appointment immediately so they can get to work on your case.

  • Collect Evidence

It is important that a person get as much evidence as they can to help their eventual claim. This can include photographs of accident sites or faulty manufacturing. If a police report is filed, it is a good idea to make sure that police officers take pictures of any evidence that may exist. This will leave the negligent party with little time to cover up their carelessness. Anyone injured due to the fault of another should also speak with witnesses about what they saw. Police officers will often do this as well if they are called, but this information will be kept in the police report. Once again, the best idea is for a person to hire an attorney to handle all of this hassle. If a person is seriously injured, it is not likely that they have the will or way to go around collecting evidence. The negligent party may already have a criminal lawyer Orlando based firm on their side, who may very well help them in the civil aspect of this claim as well.

  • Notify Responsible Parties

Before any claim can be made, or settlement reached, it is important to notify the responsible parties and get their insurance information. If a person refuses to hand over insurance information, it will likely be necessary to hire a lawyer. Luckily, many lawyers will work on the basis that they will only get paid if a settlement is reached. Even if a person doesn’t hire a lawyer, they must contact the insurance provider of the person at fault. Insurance adjusters are paid to ensure that a company saves as much money as possible, so it is highly likely that they will attempt to make a lowball offer to an injured party. It is important for a person to not sign any forms from an insurance company until they have received just compensation or until their lawyer informs them to.

Going through the personal injury claim process can be a trying time for many. Injuries due to another individual’s carelessness can cause a person to miss work and interfere with their familial and other responsibilities. It is pertinent that anyone injured due to someone else’s inattention contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. At fault parties and the insurance companies representing them will often try to make it as difficult as possible for a person to get a fair settlement, so it is often necessary for a person to have an experienced lawyer by their side.

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